Your Time With Crafty Fox

Whether at your office or special event, we will bring our escape trailer right onsite. With a generator you can actually have a conversation by and temperature controlled interior, our trailer keeps your team comfortable while they do the important work of team-building.


Each team is greeted and briefed by our Crafty Fox staff before entering The Mine escape trailer for a 30 minute fun but pressure testing experience. After exiting your teams will receive insightful feedback from the Crafty Fox crew and be equipped with the Bring It Home Guide for each team member’s own personal reflection time, as well as for larger team discussion later.


15 Minute Welcome and Briefing

30 Minutes in the Escape Trailer

15 Minute Crafty Fox Debrief

30 Minutes for Bring It Home Guide Personal Reflection

60 Minutes for Bring It Home Guide Team Discussion

2 hours 30 Total Time Team Building for Each Team

Crafty Fox is a team-building company that utilizes an escape room as a tool. So, like any good tool, we made sure it was designed to serve its intended purpose. With 30 minutes of gameplay, puzzles that require a mix of skill sets and number of people needed to solve, and high quality professional sets, The Mine was engineered to be the best escape room for the purpose of team-building.

The Mine | Escape Room Experience

Team Feedback From The Crafty Fox Crew

We get so used to our team dynamic that we often develop blind spots. That's where our Crafty Fox Crew comes in. While each team does their best to solve the puzzles presented in The Mine, our team is observing everything from communication and problem solving to use of humor and willingness to celebrate together.

It's not an effective team building experience if it doesn't "stick". The Bring It Home Guide will facilitate your group in understanding how they operate as both individuals and a team while in The Mine. This guided discussion will help them unpack how their experience in the escape room reflects their work together day to day; setting them up to walk away with clear action steps to be put in place for their real-life roles in the workplace.

Bring It Home Guide

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