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While thoughts of boring presentations and uncomfortable rounds of role play scenarios leave most people feeling uneasy at the mention of team building, good team building is essential for a highly productive and motivated workforce. When team members take the time to learn about themselves and one another, they are able to improve communication and (as a result) efficiency. Work is no longer just a place to suffer through but becomes a collaborative environment of people seeking the good of each other and the company.

WHY team-building?


Deadline related pressure, changing variables, thinking on your feet, and having to determine next steps together….while it may sound like another day at the office it’s not! This our mobile escape room. We’ve found that the fun and immersive environment of an escape room engages a team in a way that gives clear insight into day to day team dynamics. Through the experience, strengths and weaknesses are highlighted right alongside team dynamics.

WHY an escape room?


At Crafty Fox, we’re not an escape room that happens to help with team building. We are team building obsessed...and we happen to use an escape room as a tool. While your team is having fun and problem solving, we are observing and taking notes to help the team apply their wins and challenges to their day to day work.

WHY Crafty Fox?